General terms of contract

Contracting the products or services offered through the website implies acceptance of the following General Terms of Contracting (hereinafter, “the General Terms”). These General Terms are available for customers in Catalan, Spanish and English.

Acceptance and availability of the General Terms

By accepting these General Terms, you state:

  • That you are of legal age and have the necessary legal capacity to enter into binding agreements or, if applicable, you have the authorization of your guardian to do so.
  • That you have read, understand and accept these General Terms.


The purpose of these General Terms of Contracting is to contract the services offered through the website operated by EducaciOnline SLU, a company belonging to the UOC Group that manages and offers NON-UNIVERSITY training courses, and Jesuïtes Educació, a Foundation that offers primary and secondary education and advanced-level vocational training.

EducaciOnline’s identifying data are given in point 1 of the Legal Notice that can be found in the website Jesuïtes Educació’s identifying data are given in the website

Features of the service

Through their website, EducaciOnline and Jesuïtes Educació offer online distance education services specialized in vocational training and other courses that provide access to official and higher education courses, both nationally and abroad, mainly in the Spanish and Latin American markets. The courses are given through its Virtual Campus, in accordance with a proprietary teaching methodology that aims to respond to people’s lifelong educational needs.

Modification of the General Terms

EducaciOnline and Jesuïtes Educació may modify these General Terms, after giving due advance notice thereof to the Customers, with the goal of improving the services and products offered through

Contract and right of withdrawal

The contracting-enrolment process will be carried out with EducaciOnline and may be done by telephone, email, the website and normal post using paper-based enrolment forms. In the latter case, the student accepts that receipt by EducaciOnline of the completed, signed enrolment form implies formalization of enrolment. Having completed the enrolment process, the student will receive a confirmation email with the user name and passwords for accessing the Virtual Campus.

The services contracted will entitle the student to follow the training cycle’s projects and seminars over a maximum period of five [5] semesters, and once only. The extension of this period will entail a corresponding cost.

Registering for a project or seminar will give the student the right to two (2) attempts: ordinary and extraordinary. In the event of failing both, the student will have to enrol for the failed project or seminar another time, covering the corresponding cost of this new enrolment.

In order for the course to take place, a minimum number of enrolments must be received. If the course is not held due to insufficient enrolments, cancellation of the course will be notified to all the enrolled students. In this case, the student may choose between receiving reimbursement of the full amount paid or non-reimbursement of the amount and enrolment in a course for a similar amount, with the student paying the excess price above that originally paid or EducaciOnline reimbursing the difference if the new course has a lower price than the previous course.

The student will have 14 calendar days to cancel contracting of the training course, counting from the date of receipt of the user name and password for accessing the Virtual Campus. In order to exercise the right of withdrawal, the student must write to the email address, stating his or her wish to withdraw from the course.

In any case, EducaciOnline reserves the right to return the amount of the pre-enrolment or place reservation fee. Notwithstanding the above, the amount paid at enrolment will always be returned in the following cases:

  1. If the course is not given.
  2. If the student obtains a grant for the full amount of the course.
  3. For other reasons that the student must justify by means of an explanatory letter sent to

Each enrolment will be personal and non-transferable and the rights arising therefrom cannot be transferred to another person.

Neither EducaciOnline nor Jesuïtes Educació will accept any liability for non-performance or delayed performance of any of the obligations contracted hereunder, if said non-performance or delayed performance is the result or consequence of a situation of force majeure or a fortuitous event.

Should the required documentation to access the training programme for which the student has enrolled not be sent in due time and manner, the applicant will be solely liable for the consequences that may arise therefrom, losing any right to request reimbursement of the amounts already paid and also losing the right to be assessed.

The student may send complaints, suggestions or comments through the student help service channels provided by EducaciOnline and stated in these General Terms.

Forms of payment

Payment for all programmes, courses and cycles offered on the website may be made using the methods indicated on the enrolment form. You are advised that fraudulent use of credit cards or denial of payment for any reason will entitle EducaciOnline and Jesuïtes Educació to cancel contracting of the course or programme purchased, without prejudice to the corresponding civil and criminal liabilities.

If the applicant should not meet the requirements for eligibility for the funding plan (ASNEF), he or she should use other payment processes or allow another person who does meet the requirements to do so.

In the event of non-payment of any of the instalments, EducaciOnline reserves the right to cancel access to the Campus, without prejudice to the marks already obtained, restoring said access as soon as the instalments have been paid.

Payment of the full amount will be an essential requirement for issuing the official qualification certificate to which student may entitled.

Use of the service and liabilities 

EducaciOnline and Jesuïtes Educació do not guarantee permanent availability of the services offered on the website, or on its Virtual Campus, and are released from any liability for possible harm caused by non-availability of the services for reasons of force majeure or errors in the electronic data transfer networks that are beyond its control.

Neither EducaciOnline nor Jesuïtes Educació accept liability for the content of the links to other websites that are not owned by it and, therefore, cannot be controlled by it.

Applicable law and jurisdiction 

These General Terms and the legal relationships that may arise from their application and interpretation will be governed by the laws of Spain.

For all matters concerning the interpretation and application of these General Terms of Contract, the parties submit to the courts of law of the city of residence of the consumer and user, waiving any other jurisdiction they may be entitled to.


All notices, demands, requests and other communications to be made by the parties with respect to these General Terms, must be made in a reliable manner by means of a document sent to the address of EducaciOnline SLU, or through the email address provided for such purpose and which has been notified to the customer.


If any of the articles included in these General Terms should be declared partially or totally invalid or unenforceable, said invalidity or unenforceability will only affect the provision or part thereof that is invalid or unenforceable. The rest of the General Terms will remain in force, the affected provision or part thereof being considered as not written.

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