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Pursuant to the Law on Information Society and Electronic Commerce Services, and other complementary legislation, you are informed that the owner of the website is EducaciOnline, S.L.U. (hereinafter, EducaciOnline), with corporate address located in Calle Moià, 1, 3rd floor (08006 Barcelona), Tax Identification Code (CIF) no. B-61-719506 and entered in the Companies Registry in volume 30896, folio 150, sheet B 180070, entry 1 on 7 July 1998 before the Notary Luis Roca-Sastre with number 1326 in his record book.

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EducaciOnline’s website, within the framework of its activity, makes different contents available to you so that you can use it in a rational manner and meet your information needs for teaching, academic, scientific or other similar purposes, but not for their commercial exploitation. Furthermore, such use does not imply any professional, business or employment relationship with you, except in the cases provided.

Access to our website is free and does not require any prior subscription or registration. However, in order to use certain services, particularly to enrol on our courses, and subsequently to have restricted access to the Virtual Campus, you may be asked to subscribe beforehand and fill in a number of forms. Such cases will be duly identified and the registration procedures you may be required to follow at any given time will be explained. Everything related with these services and restricted accesses will be subject to EducaciOnline’s by-laws, compliance with which will be mandatory for all users.

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This website contains links or hyperlinks that lead to other websites managed by third parties outside of our organization. EducaciOnline’s website cannot guarantee the content or information contained in these websites nor that such content is truthful or up to date and, consequently, it is released from any liability for any manner of damage or harm that may arise from the use of websites other than our website.

We may modify at any time the layout and settings of our website and the services and content provided, unilaterally and without prior notice.

Intellectual property rights
EducaciOnline is holder or licensee, as applicable, of the intellectual and industrial property rights concerning all of this website’s contents (including but not limited to all the elements comprising the visual appearance, the graphic image and other sensory stimuli of the pages making up the website – look and feel – brands, logos, trade names, texts, criticisms and comments, images, graphics, designs, audios and sounds, databases, programs, flowcharts, presentation, browsing architecture and web page source codes). In any case, EducaciOnline has the corresponding consent to use all the contents that make up this website

EducaciOnline expressly authorizes copying of this website’s content for private use. However, as it draws from many freely made contributions, EducaciOnline specifies that this authorization does not include copying, transformation and, in general, any other form of exploitation, by whatever procedure, of the contents of the website when this has a commercial purpose or is intended for monetary gain.

Except for the authorization for private use mentioned in the previous paragraph, or that is explicitly allowed otherwise, access to the website does not imply granting of any kind of permit, conveyance, license or assignment of all or part of its contents.

EducaciOnline will not accept any liability that may arise from any tampering with or manipulation of this website by third parties.

Lastly, and as part of the dissemination of the contents offered by the website, establishment by third parties of links to EducaciOnline’s website is expressly authorized, provided that these links do not have a commercial purpose or are intended for monetary gain. In any case, the links established by third parties must enable users to know that they are accessing EducaciOnline’s website and the URL corresponding to this website must be visible in their browser.

The establishment of links by third parties does not imply the existence of any type of association between EducaciOnline’s website and the holders of such links.

Limitation of liability
By making this website available to you, our intention is to offer you a series of quality services and contents, with utmost diligence in the provision of these services and contents and in the technological means used. However, even though EducaciOnline has implemented the security measures allowed by current technology, it is not possible to guarantee total absence of viruses or malware and, consequently, it is released from any liability in this respect.

EducaciOnline does not accept any liability arising, or which may arise, from the use made by users of this website’s information and contents nor from the opinions given in the spaces provided for this.

Although all necessary precautions have been taken to provide accurate, up-to-date information on the website, EducaciOnline cannot guarantee that all the information provided is up to date nor that it is free of errors or omissions.

The opinions featured in the publications, journals and articles accessible from the website are those of their authors alone. Likewise, EducaciOnline does not accept any liability for any information and content accessible from the website that has been provided by third parties and, in particular, for any damages related to what has been said above and which may be caused by (i) lack of or flaws in the information provided to users, its truthfulness, accuracy and sufficiency; (ii) infringement of the rights of consumers and users; (iii) infringement of intellectual and industrial property rights, engaging in unfair competition or illicit advertising; (iv) infringement of the right to data protection, professional secrecy and the rights to honour, personal and family privacy and personal image, and (v) in general, non-observance of any applicable law, custom or code of conduct.

As user, you accept all liability arising from the use of our website and are solely liable for any direct or indirect effect that may arise with respect to the website, including but not limited to any adverse financial, technical or legal outcome, and also any disappointment of the expectations generated by our portal, and you undertake to hold EducaciOnline harmless against any claim arising, directly or indirectly, from such events, without prejudice to the contractual relationship created between parties as a result of enrolment in any of our courses.

EducaciOnline provides all members of the Virtual Campus community with a free email account with the “” domain and also the necessary technological and hosting resources to manage this account. It should be used solely for teaching and communication purposes between the Campus users; professional and business use is expressly forbidden.

As user, you accept all liability arising from use of email and are solely liable for any effect that may arise directly or indirectly from such use, and you undertake to hold EducaciOnline harmless against any claim arising, directly or indirectly, from its use and contents. Among other things, it is expressly forbidden to use the email accounts with the domain to send bulk mail, continue message chains, send messages in which the sender is not fully identified or identified confusingly, or make malicious changes to the message’s content and send it.

EducaciOnline guarantees compliance with the obligations arising from the Law on Information Society and Electronic Commerce Services, as a provider of this society’s services.

All matters referring to our website are governed solely by the laws of Spain. In the event of any dispute or disagreement arising between the parties with respect to the interpretation and content of this website, all the parties expressly waive any other jurisdiction they may be entitled to and submit to that of the Courts of Law of Barcelona.

EducaciOnline reserves the right to temporarily suspend access to its website for reasons related with content or programming improvement, maintenance or review, and also for any other reason.

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